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Bag of Groceries

The Wright Care shopping help

For all shopping help needed in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. Friendly professional service for anyone that is struggling to get shopping. 

Do you struggle to get shopping? are you not able to work difficult online supermarket sites? are you not able to get to supermarkets? 

Let me do your shopping for you

call us on 01256 959150 to register your loved one now.

options for you:

  • give me a list of what you want and i will hand pick your items and deliver directly to your home

  • choose a ready made food parcel to suit your needs:

  • Food parcel for home cooking from £19.00

  • -Bread, fresh milk, potatoes, carrots or broccoli, minced beef, chicken, eggs,  fruit punnet, spaghetti, passata, pies, chicken Kiev's, fish fingers, baked beans, mashed potato, porridge, marmalade, toilet rolls x 2 and bacon.

  • Food parcel with ready made meals from £19.00

  • - Bread, fresh milk, potatoes, cheese, ham, eggs, marmalade, toilet rolls x 2, bacon, fruit punnet, biscuits and 7 ready meals.


  • I can help to create a shopping list to specific menus for any dietary needs, allergies or just for those who like what they like. 

Friendly phone calls

To talk about their favourite TV show, what they had for lunch or dinner, tell them a funny story, just to talk and let them talk can fill their day. A good time to find out if anything is worrying them or if they need something urgent doing-telephone service is part of the package.

Shopping & Prescription Pick-up and Delivery

It doesn't matter where they like to shop, we will make sure they get their quality produce of their choice. Medication collection-we will collate a schedule to ensure weekly/fortnightly or monthly prescriptions are remembered, collected and delivered.

A group trip out

we will arrange a visit to the garden centre or an outing to a local beauty spot, a cup of tea and a cake-getting people outside in the fresh air, enjoying the scenery and good conversation. 

We have mobility vehicles for those who struggle to walk and need the assistance of a mobility vehicle.

My Story

Throughout Covid I had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people who were vulnerable to stay fed and watered. An experience that has changed my perception and prompted me to set up a company that will carry on helping those who need it.

I started by supplying food parcels where by I would shop for fresh nutritious foods to give them breakfast lunch and evening meals for a week, some fresh fruit and vegetables and extra's like teabags.

I also arranged the collection and delivery of mediation as part of my duties.

I met some amazing people who just "exist" they don't live, they hardly see human life let alone a friend to rely on and talk to.