Diane lives alone, she has no family and lost her husband recently as well as a lot of hair, her confidence and her smile.

I started by taking her weekly shopping after being asked to do so as part of my Covid19 community Hub role. It was very obvious that this lady was in a terrible mental state, petrified by the virus and living this nightmare alone.

Throughout and post Covid I have been calling Diane and taking her calls sometimes daily to cheer her up, take her shopping list and just to be a friend to try and help her. Her dream is to move into an assisted living home and would combat some of the terrible loneliness she feels every day.

Without my help, sorting her bills out, doing her shopping, helping with her housing problems and just being that friend, I am not sure she would cope with life. It is such a pleasure to help her, to get her little puzzle books and favourite foods puts such a smile on her face-being her friend is by far the most important thing I do for her

Bob & Iris

Here we have a beautiful couple, Bob has cancer and at very high risk, Iris has had several strokes and is equally at high risk.

I have been since appointed to help doing their weekly shopping of dietary produce to keep calcium levels up and the fresh fruit and veg which is not easy to get.

Bob was desperate to get his beloved car back in the garage but he had some unwanted items filling his garage-for me it was an easy fix-I purchased a van licence to enable me to to take the unwanted items in my van to the local tip which allowed Bob to then house his car and stop worrying. His car is so important as neither of them must go on public transport but the trips to the hospital are vital for Bob's treatment and as the hospital is 50 miles away, they need the privacy and comfort of travelling there safely.


Roy is a wonderful man who lost his beloved wife after 54 years. Roy has suffered ill health and was put in the high risk category.

We started upon appointment to simply get Roy a food parcel every week, being a diabetic there is many foods he just can't eat so we tailored a menu to suit his needs and ensure he got nutrients every week.

Last week Roy's hearing aids stopped working, he had to make a long journey alone to the hospital to take his hearing aids in to be repaired and was quite naturally anxious about it as he hasn't been out in months.

Immediately i told him to give me the hearing aids in a detailed envelope and i took them to the hospital for him otherwise he would have A struggled to get there and B had to be without them for a length of time if he just posted them.

It was a pleasure to help Roy who is now back with his aids, he was so very grateful.


Sue is 74 and lives alone in a tower block with only a sister and a niece whom both live some distance from her. She calls them and they call her and although they are there for her to talk to, they are too far to help her.

We started helping Sue with her weekly shopping, she phoned me every Wednesday to give me her list of requirements which we shopped for Thursday morning and delivered it to her in our refrigerated vans.

Sue had a fall, she tripped over her cat and suffered a large gash in her knee that needed stitching-unfortunately after 2 months it has not healed and she will now need operating on. During her anguish, Sue called me every other day to let me know how the home visits from the nurses went-someone to talk to and to get her anguish out. I also help Sue with bills that she does not understand why she has them.

My help to Sue is so important to her, she relies on my support and visits as she is also so scared now of the outside world and doesn't feel safe outside.


Peter lives alone with many health issues which makes it very difficult for him to fend for himself. Peter is not technical at all and apart from doing his weekly shopping for him and phoning him during the week, I helped him by getting things on line for him that are only available on line.

Jars for his home grown plums, snuff, curtain hooks, postal stamps, birthday presents for his nephews and nieces, there have been so many things that if it wasn't for us, Peter would not have been able to source.

Peter is not alone in the world of being unable or unequipped to do on line shopping.


Mark is terminally ill, he is severely high risk and severely anxious.

upon appointment I met Mark by helping him with food parcels every week, again making sure we had the right foods that he is allowed to eat.

Mark needs a significant amount of medication and would not be able to risk going out to get it himself.

We help Mark not only with his shopping but to make sure we have a diarised frequency of prescriptions that we collect and deliver to him BEFORE he runs out-this is so beneficial to Mark and although this service is offered by local pharmacies, Mark is not able to trust nor has the inner strength to continually arrange for the delivery of his medication-he trusts us.