Service options:

  • Food/household shopping every week- handed pick from their list the freshest and longest dates and delivered directly to them, taking into account of unpacking-using multiple bags to ensure a weight they can manage-help putting it away is also offered as an additional helping hand

  • 3 telephone calls per week for a chat, catch up – a friend to cheer them up

  • Prescription collection and delivery on the frequency required for their medication

  • 1 home visit per week of ½ an hour to 40 minutes-while I am there I will make sure there is nothing worrying them, I can check on their wellbeing overall.

  • Speaking to authorities for example their housing associations, if there is something they need fixing or worrying about



  • Help to arrange the appropriate services when needed for example removal of household waste, help to fix a white goods, home-help on a medical/personal hygiene level 

Bronze £25.00 per week

Bronze £35.00 per week

Silver £45.00 per week

  • All the above plus:​

  • Help to buy gifts/birthday or occasions cards, a new hosepipe, a new hoover-anything they need and i will ensure on the best prices/deals out there for them using compare and other sites to ensure best value for money

  • Helping to arrange transport for hospital, doctor and veterinary appointments-where possible I will take them myself or one of my team.

  • Full fortnightly report including all activities and diary events

Gold £60.00 per week

All of Bronze and Silver plus:

  • Bill checking: Helping with household bills that are confusing, making sure they are not being charged for services not required

  • Gardening help-physical help to plant pots/vegetables and to arrange greater level of gardening maintenance-hedge trimming, lawn cutting and even landscaping-sourcing the right tradesman 

  • Waste removal-helping to arrange the removal of unwanted items 

  • Day trips out to a garden centre/beauty spot -once a month 

  • Detailed weekly report including diet plan, all diarised activities-financial report